About us


The power of hope‚Äč

“DARE TO DREAM” is a non-profit organization founded in December 2022 by Liliane Mitambo: A young woman who grew-up in Cameroon/ Africa and later moved to United States to pursue her studies in Electrical Engineering.

Liliane quickly experienced the challenges of being an international student; having to pay twice the tuition of an american student and not be authorized to work full time or take a loan without a cosigner to support herself.

The generosity of an american couple whom she met through a cameroonian catholic priest changed her life forever. The couple decided to cosign a couple of loans to allow her to obtain her bachelor degree.

From that time on, she knew that one of her calling in life will be to help out other kids in life to expand the ripple effect a helping hand can have on a needy soul.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide financial help and material need in order to support orphans in their different areas of interest in order to equip them with the right tools to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.